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What is a hirudotherapist?

A hirudotherapist is a doctor who carries out treatment with leeches.

Should a hirudotherapist be a doctor?

Treatment with leeches excludes dilettantism. Hirudotherapy results and a patient’s health depend on how correctly a doctor will determine:
— the possibility of treatment with leeches (are there any contraindications?);
— places to apply leeches;
— the number of leeches;
— the number of sessions in the course.
There are strict rules for leech application. For example, it is forbidden to apply worms on veins and in close proximity to them. It will provoke excessive bleeding and carries a risk for a patient’s life.


Hirudotherapy covers a wide range of diseases. Therefore, a doctor should be a specialist who is well informed about anatomy of the human body, operating principles of its organs and systems. A general health education and additional training in the specialty “Hirudotherapy” precede receiving a qualification of a «hirudotherapist». Only in this case, the safety and efficacy of treatment with leeches are guaranteed.

What does a hirudotherapist treat?

A hirudotherapist treats diseases of gastrointestinal tract, upper respiratory tract, reproductive system, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, metabolic diseases, diseases of joints, skin, female breast, and other health problems.

What problems people go to a hirudotherapist with?

Hirudotherapy is effective in migraines, sinusitis, sore throat, obesity, arthritis, varicose disease, mastopathy, sterility, prostatitis, hormonal failure, thyroid disorders and osteochondrosis. Otitis, eczema, allergies, cellulite, acne, hypertension, stroke, gastritis, mastopathy, neuritis, obesity, children enuresis and radiculitis —and it is not an exhaustive list of the diseases which can be treated with medicinal leeches.


The scope of hirudotherapy application is so broad due to the ability of leeches to restore microcirculation of fluids in the body. Consequently, nutrition and oxygen supply to the cells are normalized. This is enough to start the regenerative processes in the body, boosting the immune system.

What happens at an appointment of a hirudotherapist?

You should come to the doctor with the medical tests results. On the basis of tests and a personal interview with a patient, a hirudotherapist takes a decision about the possibility of treatment with leeches. A doctor develops the course program together with a patient. A disposable sterile biomaterial from biofactories growing medicinal leeches is used for the session. The quality of leeches is confirmed by certificates, which are available on the patient’s request.

Does a hirudotherapist perform treatment at home?

Often other hirudotherapists perform treatment at home. I receive patients only in a specially prepared hirudotherapeutic office, thus avoiding undesirable complications during procedures.

Qualification of a hirudotherapist

More than 10 years ago, I discovered the effect of treatment with leeches. Their enzymes turned out to be much more efficient than the traditional pharmaceutical or surgical treatment. I started practicing hirudotherapy since 2005. Following the footsteps of Avicenna, Pirogov, Paracelsus, Zalmanov and other prominent doctors, I learned how to treat people with leeches. You can find information on my diplomas in the “About me” section.

How much does an appointment of a hirudotherapist cost?

The first appointment of a hirudotherapist costs 1000 rubles. This price includes a patient’s consultation, decision on the possibility of treatment with leeches, a program development. The course fee depends on the amount of biomaterial. It is determined on an individual basis depending on the disease nature.


Feedbacks about the hirudotherapist

You can find reviews of treatment with leeches in my hirudotherapeutic office at the Medvitro clinic
in the “About me” section.
Discover the miraculous power of leeches. Make an appointment.

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    Гирудотерапия, или лечение пиявками, известна миру с древних пор. Ее практиковали такие светлые умы прошлого, как Гиппократ и Авиценна. В Средневековье пиявок считали универсальным средством лечения чуть ли не от всех заболеваний.
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