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How to choose a proper hirudotherapy clinic?

A proper hirudotherapy clinic should meet the following requirements:

1. It has a license to engage in health activities.

2. Its employees have the permission to use hirudotherapy.

3. There is a hirudotherapy office, which is equipped, according to the orders of the Ministry of Health and allows receiving treatment with leeches, which is safe for the patient.


Hirudotherapy office. Requirements.

The room, in which the doctor receives patients and carries out procedures, has a floor, walls and ceiling covered with a material resistant to treatment with disinfectants, which is smooth, defect-free, readily available to conduct disinfection. There should be a wash basin with hot and cold water in the office. The surface of the furniture, which is in the office (a wardrobe, couch, manipulating table), should also be made of materials, which are resistant to the use of disinfectants. The area of the office should be at least 12 square meters.
All materials that are used during the procedure are disposable and are recycled appropriately.


Hirudotherapy center. Leeches requirements.

In our center we use only disposable hungry medicinal leeches, which were grown at a biofactory and are certified. Used leeches are medium-sized, healthy, i.e., they move actively when you take them in hand, they have no constrictions, there is a contractile reflex. After the application, leeches are destroyed in a disinfecting solution, since their further application is inadmissible in connection with the threat of transmission of blood-borne infections.


Requirements to specialists of a medical clinic, where leech therapy is performed.

Doctors involved in hirudotherapy must have a medical degree, a specialist certificate in one of the specialties, according to the order of the Ministry of Health № 210н, dated 23 April 2009, as well as a certificate in hirudotherapy, where a number of hours of training and a state educational medical institution, which issued it, are indicated.

At the request of the patient, who came to receive a treatment, the specialist is required to provide these documents (or copies thereof).

Our doctors

Pershin Peter Vladimirovich, a hirudotherapy specialist who has mastered this method more than 10 ago. During this time a lot of patients with different health problems received his medical help. Professionalism, attention and sensitivity help him to cope with various diseases with the help of this therapeutic method. Reviews from his patients prove that!


Working hours of our clinic

Pershin Peter Vladimirovich receives patients in “Klinika Zdorovia” on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m., by appointment

Reviews of our clinic

During the work of our clinic, many patients has positively assessed the results of treatment with leeches.
Often leeches help when conventional medicine helps slightly in achieving the goal of the patient’s recovery.

Leech treatment: prices




Consultation of a hirudotherapist

1000 RUB

Application of 1 leech

500 RUB

Application of 3 leeches

1500 RUB

Application of 5 leeches

2500 RUB

Application of a cup

500 RUB

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