Hirudotherapy is a treatment with leeches

The ability of leeches to restore circulation in the body allows the use hirudotherapy in various diseases.

The method is effective in the treatment of hypertension and thrombosis, arthritis and degenerative disc disease, urological and gynecological disorders, migraines and otitis, sinusitis and mastitis, gout and eczema, gastritis and glaucoma, obesity and endocrine diseases.


Leeches thin blood (hirudin), resolve blood clots (destabilase), relieve inflammation (eglin, bradykinin), clean vessels from cholesterol (apyrase), stimulate the growth of new capillaries (orgelaza), dilate blood vessels (histamine-like substance) and relieve pain (kininase).

As a result, the normal nutrition of organs and tissues of the problem area is restored; lymph flow is normalized and swelling decreases.

Leech treatment: what application sites exist?

In hirudotherapy the body is divided into zones for leech application.

Points on the head are temples, hairy part, cervical spine, eyebrows and the area around the nose.

The front part of the body is divided into the following areas: neck, sternum, heart, lungs, liver, epigastric area, belly and pubic area.

The points on the back of the body are determined by the system of lines: 7 meridians, which divide the back by 8 vertical stripes.



The most frequently used hirudotherapy application sites

The choice of application sites depends on the disease. Obviously, leech application sites will be different in bronchitis and sinusitis.

Thus, in the first case, the biomaterial is placed on the area over the lungs, and in the second case on the forehead, on the area of the maxillary sinuses on both sides of the nasal septum.

The frequently used application sites in gynecological and urological diseases are the lower abdomen, sacrum and coccyx areas and anus.

This choice is due to the need to normalize the blood microcirculation in the pelvic area, reduce inflammation and swelling.


Leeches are applied on the epigastric region, mesogastric area and the right hypochondrium in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Biomaterial is often applied on the mastoid processes.

This application scheme is relevant in vascular diseases, and hypertension.

How to determine the best leech application sites in each disease?

Leeches are applied on the projection of the problematic organ or in its immediate vicinity. So, in gastritis, the biomaterial is applied on the anterior abdominal wall, on the liver area and the right upper quadrant, the back (a reflection of the front part of the abdominal cavity).

In radiculitis, leeches are applied on the sacrum area, lower back and along the spine. In rhinitis, they are applied above the eyebrows and on the side surface of the nose. In diseases of the skin, they are applied on the problem area and in arthritis around the joint, etc.

However, it is not so simple. Where to put leeches in migraines? If you think that it should be temples, you are wrong. In headaches, biomaterial is applied on the mastoid processes.

The same area is relevant in ophthalmic diseases. Also, in case of problems with vision, leeches are applied on the cervical spine.

In hemorrhoids, the liver and omphalus are used in addition to the perianal area; in hypertensive crisis, leeches are applied on the sacrum, under the seventh cervical vertebra, on the shoulder girdles, lower back and the projection of the liver.


The doctor determines the application sites by palpation. The most painful areas of the projection of the diseased organ are detected.

However, a leech can suck in the vicinity of a site determined by palpation. It feels the body bioenergy and selects acupuncture points.

Leech treatment prices in different application points

The cost of treatment depends on the number of worms and application areas.

I study the patient’s medical documents at the consultation, then develop a hirudotherapy scheme and determine the hirudotherapy course price.

Call and make an appointment.

Consultation of a hirudotherapist: 1,000 rubles

Application of 1 leech: 500 rubles

Application of 3 leeches: 1,500 rubles

Application of 5 leeches: 2,500 rubles

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