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Hirudotherapy is a treatment with leechesи

Treatment with leeches has been practiced for thousands of years. Their positive effects on the well-being were known by physicians of the past such as Avicenna, Hippocrates and Galen.

Modern scientists have explained the effectiveness of hirudotherapy. It consists in the saliva secretion, which contains approximately 200 biologically active substances.

Complete enzyme influence on the body stimulates regeneration of the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system, stimulates resorption of blood clots, improves cells supply with nutrients and oxygen.

Leeches are effective in swelling and inflammation. They have an anesthetic effect and positively influence the nervous system.

Hirudin, destabilase, hyaluronidase, apyrase, kininase, bdellines, eglin, bradykinin, kalin and dozens of other enzymes are a natural health elixir.

Sometimes they are more effective than traditional medicine; they accelerate the recovery of the body after surgery. Usually we recommend 2 hirudotherapy courses with an interval of 3-6 months.

This is enough to start the process of self-healing of the body and get lasting results.


What leech treatment schemes exist?

The scheme of treatment depends on the diagnosis and the disease stage. It involves determining the number of leeches and application sites.

The hirudotherapy method and frequency of sessions are also taken into consideration.

According to the classical scheme, leeches are applied where the pain is concentrated.

If these are the internal organs, the biomaterial is applied on their projection on the body, and related areas or energy centers, “chakras”.

The doctor reveals the most painful areas by palpation and applies leeches at these sites. From 2-3 to 10-15 worms are used for one session (depending on the disease and exposure).


The most frequent hirudotherapy schemes

Standard treatment scheme of chronic diseases consists of 10 sessions with an interval of 2-3 days. Then there is a break for a couple of months, after which the hirudotherapy course is repeated.

Application schemes depend on the particular disease. Some leeches are applied on the sacrum region in hypertension, radiculitis, gynecological and urological diseases. One leach is applied on each mastoid bone in visual impairment or high blood pressure.

Right upper quadrant is a projection of the liver and serves as a therapeutic platform in hepatitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and prostatitis.

This is a common application scheme, but the specific scheme is developed after the doctor talks to the patient and studies the tests results.

For example, in prostatitis, leeches are applied on the liver area at the first session and on the pubic area at the second session.

The third and the fourth sessions have particular features depending on the patient’s state of health. At the fifth session, leeches are applied on the coccyx.


How to determine which leech application scheme should be used in each disease?
Below you can find a classic leech application scheme in various diseases.


Points 1, 8 — high blood pressure, eye diseases, hot flashes during menopause, migraine.
Point 2 — maxillitis and other kinds of sinusitis.
Point 3 — eye diseases.
Point 4 —heart attack.
Points 5, 8 — liver and gall bladder diseases.
Point 6 — appendicular infiltrates.
Point 7 — diseases of the teeth and gums.
Point 9 — gynecological diseases, sciatica.
Point 10 — varicose veins, thrombophlebitis (staggered around the vein).
Point 11 — trophic ulcers.
Point 12 — inflammation of the joints.
Point 13 — high blood pressure.

Leech treatment cost in different application schemes

The cost of treatment depends on the number of leeches and application areas.

To determine the course price, I have to talk to the patient, study the tests results and expert`s opinions.

Based on these results, I choose an appropriate application scheme.

Make an appointment.

Consultation of a hirudotherapist: 1,000 rubles

Vaginal leech application: 1,000 rubles

Skin application of 1 leech: 500 rubles

Hirudotherapy procedure on mucosa: 500 rubles

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