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Hirudotherapy course

The efficacy of treatment with leeches depends on how well-developed the program of hirudotherapy is.

This is one reason why one should deal with professionals. Only a certified hirudotherapist can develop a course including the state of health of the patient and contraindications.

Without common knowledge in the field of medicine and ability to make a picture based on the tests results, it is impossible to develop an optimal treatment program.


Leeches are effective due to the enzymes contained in their saliva. When a leech bites, a cocktail of active ingredients gets into the blood.

The total number of enzymes is about 200. The most studied among them are:

— hirudin (thins blood, accelerates blood flow);

— orgelaza (contributes to formation of capillaries);

— hyaluronidase (resolves scarring of connective tissue, loosens the intercellular space, which contributes to better assimilation of the leech saliva secretion);

— antistasin, calin, dekorsin (dissolve blood clots, prevent blood clotting);

— eglin (reduces inflammation);

— kininase (has analgesic effect).

The result of the hirudotherapy course is reduction/disappearance of symptoms of chronic and acute diseases.

The doctor knows how to use leeches to reduce pressure, relieve migraines, relieve arthritic pain, solve problems of ENT organs and normalize endocrine profile. Leeches help in sexual disorders.

They solve the problem of infertility in men and women.


Hirudotherapy is effective in obesity and other metabolic disorders. The secretion of the leech saliva regulates endocrine glands activity, helps in diseases of the female breast, skin, teeth and gums.

Hirudotherapy can be applied to treat prostatitis, strengthen immune system and get rid of depression.

The list of diseases is impressively long. In fact, leeches can cure almost any problem of the body. Of course, every disease involves a certain application scheme and amount of biomaterials.

For example, in disorders of the reproductive system leeches are applied on the area of sacrum and coccyx. In liver disorders they are applied in the right hypochondrium. To reduce the pressure leeches are applied behind the ear.

In sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis leeches are placed around the nose, on the forehead.


The number of leeches and the number of procedures is determined individually. All patients are checked for the contraindications.

Based on the test results and interview with the patient, the hirudotherapist decides if the treatment is possible and develops a course program.

Hirudotherapy course: cost

The cost depends on the number of leeches and the number of sessions. Some diseases require 5-6 procedures.

Other diseases require visiting a hirudotherapy office 10-15 times. The more procedures there are in a course, the smaller amount of leeches is placed every single visit to a doctor.
Typically, a health improvement is seen after 1-2 sessions.

However one should take the full course of treatment to get an effective result. After a certain period of time you need to repeat a hirudotherapy course.


I am a hirudotherapist with 10 years of experience. My qualification is confirmed by diplomas and certificates.

I use environmentally-safe biological material which comes from biofactories. On the request of the patient, I can provide supporting documentation. After the session, the leeches are disposed to guarantee the safety of hirudotherapy.

Make an appointment to discuss treatment with leeches. The course fee is disclosed at the consultation.

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