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Hirudotherapy is a treatment with leeches

In ancient times, people believed that a leech sucks unhealthy blood. It eases blood flow and relieves a condition of the patient.

Modern scientists have identified several factors of the positive effects of leeches:

— mechanical: suction stimulates the regeneration of lymph and strengthens the immune system;

— biological: there are 200 enzymes in the leech saliva;

— reflectory: hirudotherapy is performed at acupuncture points.

What leech treatment techniques exist?

There are 2 methods of treatment with leeches: full and partial exposure. In the first case, 3 of the above mentioned factors affect the body of the patient. In the second case, the body gets only reflexogenic stimulation.

The method was developed by Abuladze and implies application of leeches for a few minutes. It is suitable for patients with low blood pressure, for whom a routine full exposure is contraindicated, as well as for children and elderly patients.


Hirudotherapy is a method of applying leeches

Leeches are applied on skin having no strong foreign odors. It means that before the procedure it is not advised to use scented personal hygiene products, drink alcohol or smoke.

Leeches are applied one by one on the required area, and they determine the attachment points.
For placing leeches tubes or syringes without the front part are used.

The first are not very easy to use, but allow placing leeches in hard to reach places. For example, in the treatment of dental diseases or intravaginal attachment.


Previously tweezers were used, but they irritated leeches. Worms were nervous and crawled over the body for a long time, not wanting to stick. It is all because the metal squeezed the leech`s body, and it started twitching.

Before a session, the hirudotherapist checks the quality of the biological material. For this reason, leeches are put in a jar of water. Healthy specimens attach to jar walls within 20 minutes.

Another way is to observe the behavior of leeches in the moment of contact. Healthy worm compresses into a ball, its body becomes dense. A leech of high quality should have a uniform outer cover. The mucus is colorless.

Hirudotherapy is a non-drug therapy

Hirudotherapy is a powerful adjuvant therapy, and in some cases it successfully replaces official medicine.

When you deal with a qualified hirudotherapist, a session will be safe and efficient. The doctor will explain the rules of conduct during the procedure and after it.

Side effects are possible in a combination of medication and leech therapy. In this case, the body will issue a response in the form of itching, fever, feeling sick.

That is why self-attachment of leeches is not recommended. You should warn the hirudotherapist at the consultation about your current medication.


Contraindications of leech treatment

Pregnancy, hypotension, hemophilia, anemia, acute phase of stroke, cancer. Also, leeches are not used in strong exhaustion and a number of other health problems.

Leech treatment cost

The cost of treatment with leeches depends on the amount of biological material and the price of one leech. It can vary in various clinics.

Firstly, a session cost depends on the qualification of a person who applies leeches. It is clear that services of a professional hirudotherapist cost more, than those of a trained nurse.

In the first case, you pay for the safety and efficacy of treatment. This allows you to be confident in the quality of a hirudotherapy session.

I have been practicing for 10 years and have accumulated enough experience to help you. Call and make an appointment.

Consultation of a hirudotherapist: 1000 rubles

Application of 1 leech: 500 rubles

Application of 3 leeches: 1,500 rubles

Application of 5 leeches: 2,500 rubles

Application of a cup: 500 rubles

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